99 Pacific Boulevard, Buddina Queensland 4575, Australia

Phone number (07) 5444 4889

Kawana Waters RSL Sub-Branch

Shoulder to Shoulder, Always.

Shoulder to Shoulder, Always.

Shoulder to Shoulder, Always.Shoulder to Shoulder, Always.

Welfare support


Pension and Welfare Officers

Kawana Waters Sub Branch has a very active Welfare Support Officer, two Welfare officers in training and a pensions and compensation officer in training. These members can assist you with any welfare support you may need through DVA or RSL QLD. If these two can't help, they know someone who can.

Services include:

Housing Assistance

Financial Assistance

Hospital and home visits

Arranging DVA services including home care and therapies

Assistance with DVA Scholarships

Contact health professionals on your behalf

many more services. 

For help, 

email daniel.ansett@kawanawaters.rslqld.net.au.

Phone: 0413311056 (Welfare number)


Mental Health First Aid

We have a number of members who are qualified in mental health first aid. If you or a loved one needs help, let us know and we will be there for you. 

Our Suicide Safe TALK and Asist qualified members.

Suicide support and intervention

Suicide is a problem in the veteran and the wider community. If you or anyone you know is at risk of suicide, or you think they may be contemplating suicide, reach out  We have a number of members qualified in Safe Talk and Suicide Assist. 

If you need, help, please reach out, we are here for you.

For immediate crisis, call 000

For support and intervention call: 0413311056


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Kawana Waters RSL Sub-Branch

99 Pacific Boulevard, Buddina Queensland 4575, Australia

07 5444 4889



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